August 31, 2015

Family is Love: The Rubenstein's

Over the years... wonderful photos I have created with this family!   Started with Tara & Jeremy's Engagement images, to their Wedding, and  then Newborn Photos. This shoot for family photos the kids had arranged to have taken for their Mom Lori's Birthday!   I met them at their beautiful home in Margate New Jersey! We started casually taking pictures on their front deck!  Boy, were we off to a fabulous start...The boys! Oh the boys, they were just the cutest things!  Lucky to have Lori and Mark's Parent's with us for our shoot, being sure to get some amazing images with the Grandparents with their whole family, kids, grand kids, and great grand kids! I love not only still photographing this beautiful family after all these years, I love that the images we created together speak volumes showing the love between one another and most importantly as a family!  Catching the perfect golden hour for some shots on the beach of everyone and then ending with Blake and Julia's Engagement session which were just magical.

July 25, 2012

Casey & Jake

 For the past two years I have been a preferred wedding professional at the beautiful Old York Road Country Club in Ambler Pennsylvania!  I frequent here at least 5-10 times a year for always a beautiful wedding pulled together by OYRCC wonderful staff!   My bride Casey went to my high school and we were a perfect fit to work together on her big day marring her best friend Jake!  Here are a number of my favorite shots from a beautiful day last November, as well as some tips and ideas for other brides out there! 
First looks are always my favorite way to start the day!  For all couples discussing the traditional first time seeing each other coming down the aisle vs. Reveal before ceremony  heres what I have to say about that!  Hands down I will choose a reveal prior to the ceremony!  Why?  Do you see these images?  This kind of reaction and emotion in the same frame is priceless.  You also could say that you may feel less nervous when you do actually walk down the aisle after seeing each other prior.   Being able to talk to one another and tell each other now wonderful you look and have a private moment is where the real photos come out! 
      You will automatically elongate your (already going to fly by) wedding day by three hours!  In turn, leaving your portrait time to be a fun time for you and your bridal party to spend all together without being rushed. You also will now get to be with your guests for the entire time of your big day...Yes guys, that means you will get to the cocktail hour and enjoy all the yummy food you picked out. Now you can sit back and eat your meal at your wedding and spend less time traveling around to every table to greet everyone since you have been at the cocktail hour! 

 Casey was all about the details...And I'm all about documenting every little one of them!  This match stick idea she had for her "table cards" was cute.  The sign says..."We Found Our Match...Now You Find Yours!"  The Appley Ever After Spiced Cider for their themed drink was very refreshing.  Best detail of all was the favors...Casey Rowley had Phillies Rally towels on every chair!  As always beautiful cakes by Stephanie at Ciao Bella Cakes in Hatboro.

  Fun day was had by all.  All that is left behind are the memories in our minds and the images that we create together on your wedding day.  I strive to be everywhere on this momentous day to document the whole thing as it unfolds. It's my job to anticipate whats going to happen next and be ready for it. Most importantly when looking back on your wedding images I want you to be reminded of how you felt in that very moment!!!

January 12, 2012

New Miricles to the World

Whenever I get contacted for newborn portraits I love going into my families homes and meeting their new bundle of joy!  Creatively with my client we together find things around their home to create props for our portrait session.  We look for baskets, blankets, I have even bought a zebra chair with me.   I like to photograph in natural lighting as much as possible.

 I go prepared to photograph for up to 2 hours including changing, feedings, cuddle time.  Newborn sessions are the most time consuming, and really tries many parents patience.  I though am use to it, and just love watching new parents interact with their 1st born child, and wonder about one day that being me!  Geeze when I have kids then I think I will have an obsession. Most likely will photograph them everyday, they better get ready now!
My Zebra Office Chair!
Most infants are between a few days to a few weeks old.  I tend to tell my clients the best time to photograph your newborn is ASAP within the first 10 days!  This is when your infant still has fetal memory and likes to stay all curled up and asleep making the hard poses easier to get! 

Love finding cute places for babies!

Dad's Uniform!

These Mommy & Me shots are the best!

Wonderful, precious, adorable, innocent and breathtaking are all these babies!  I love watching them grow, and more so being a part of documenting the start to their life!   Contact me if your expecting!  My session fee is $60.00 to come and take your photos in the comfort of your own home!

December 24, 2011

Central Park's Most Romantic Spot

     It was November 13th and I get a  call from Ryan a High school friend who has some wonderful news!   He found his true love who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with!   He was planning on proposing while on a day trip to New York on Thanksgiving eve with his girlfriend Nicole and had thought of me and my photographic services to really make this day something to remember!  I was thrilled and said yes I would love to help document this day which you will remember for always!
     Few days before our journey to NY I look at the weather and realize were looking at showers and thunderstorms all day!  I let Ryan know and we still keep our plans and hope for the best!  As a mainly portrait photographer I am use to being involved with directing my shoot with my clients to be able to capture the best images.  With the weather being so iffy Ryan and I began to start brainstorming other ideas to capture this wedding proposal!
    Together we finally we come up with a brilliant plan which went something like this.....
Operation Proposal

 10:15 I arrive at Central Park and I begin to ask for more directions on how to get to walk to Wollman Rink.
10:25 I arrive to Wollman Rink to discover due to the massive amounts of rain the previous night the rink was not open!  I text Ryan immediately to let him know.  I continue to await Ryan and Nicoles arrival to the Rink
11:05  I spot Ryan from affar I have my 70-200mm paparazzi lens ready to go and be far enough away they couldnt see me!  I begin to photograph them looking at the beautiful view from Wollmans Rink of the Plaza hotel!

11:10 Ryan and Nicole begin to wander around Central Park.  Mind you we are flying by the seat of our pants now with our plan!!!!  The ice was closed, so now what!!!!!!   I continue to stalk the couple hiding behind tree's, and rocks trying to get some awesome candid shots.  I had to be very careful while following them in central park because if my cover was blown and Nicole saw me, then the next part of Ryan's surprise would have been ruined.

11:20   After Ryan and Nicole take several photos together they proceed and continue walking around Central Park...Little does Nicole know that she is being followed by a photographer that her soon to be fiancee hired to come to NY with them! 

11:30  The 2nd part of the plan is to check out the Belevdere Castle.  I find out from a woman who sees me acting suspicious with my camera (who i did explain what I was doing there) that the Castle is within walking distance and the subway would take just as long as walking.  I text Ryan this info!

 12:00  We make it finally to the Castle!  It is still pouring rain and we arrive to find a overhang to get out of the rain.  However over 3 dozen other children on a school trip found this overhang as well.   Again I am wondering how this is going to work.   I see Ryan and Nicole arrive to the same overhang.   I get my camera out and my phone out and pray that these kids will LEAVE ASAP!!!   My prayers were answered they left immediately!    SHOW TIME

I look down at my phone and start to appear upset and anxious!  Ryan and Nicole are down a few steps looking out over the beautiful landscape over central park and the New York city skyline!  I speak up to them and say "Excuse me...Hi I know this may sound kinda weird, but I was wondering and hoping you two can help me out!."  As they near closer I introduce myself "Hi I'm Amy.  I'm a freelance photographer here in NY and I was contracted to photograph a few of the Top Romantic locations in Central Park for a local blogger.  I was suppose to meet a couple here that just told me now that they couldn't make it due to the weather!  I really need to get these photos to the writer of the Blog by tomorrow and I'm out of time to make anything else work!   You two are a cute couple do you think I could take a few shots of you guys here?  I'll certainly share them with you too online! 
12:05  Ryan and Nicole look at each other, smile and respond with "Sure why not!"   I get their names and I begin to start to pose them and take a few different shots under this awesome overhang!

12:10 Then we take a walk down to below the castle and I find this great curved walkway with the most beautiful wood fence ever!  To top this romantic location off was that there was still a few yellow leaves stuck to the tree hanging over the walkway, as well as, leaves lining the path which popped out against the wet damp pavement!   We were still taking photos as were all talking about the day and the rain, and how they were supose to be ice skating!  I elaborated how I have postings on Craigslist to help find work and that's how I got this assignment with this blogger.
12:12  After some great shots, I arrange them for the last shot.  I was doing a depth of feild shot I told them where Nicole would be posed up front and be in focus and Ryan would be in the distance out of focus!  Ryan knew this was his Que it was time!!!!  As I'm taking these photos Ryan is digging deep into his pocket and pulling out the ring and sneaking up behind Nicole who is posing perfectly for my shot!

12:14  As I tell Nicole I got the shot and I look down at my camera, she turns around to look for Ryan.  She finds him on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hand!  I then proceed to continue to photograph the big moment unfold!  Ryan says to Nicole " Nicki you are the most amazing person in the world to me. I am completely in love with you.  I cannot imagine not seeing your smiling face each and every day for the rest of my life!  I'll always be there for you.  I vow to do whatever it takes to make you happy, and keep you safe. Will you Marry me!"

12:15  Nicole is crying and saying "Yes"  I yes am still taking photos!  Nicole looks over at me then at Ryan and says "Did you plan this?"  "Do you guys know each other?"  Ryan and I respond with "No we don't know each other"  I say "OMG I didn't know what was going on, I just saw Ryan on his knee with a ring and I just kept snapping... Ryan did you have planned to propose today!!!?"   Ryan responds with a smile on his face from ear to ear " I had planned on being on the ice right now with you and doing it then, but then when it was closed I didn't know what I was going to do.  Then when Amy came along I just thought on my feet and thought this would be pretty cool."

We take a few more celebratory photos before "Amy the NY Photographer" departs to leave the two love birds to enjoy the rest of their day! 
In the following weeks I had made a fake email account for "Amy" to email the images to Nicole and Ryan to have for the holidays to show to their families, so my cover wasn't blown!

All time favorite shot!!!  Love everything about it!
For a whole month Nicole has believed that I really was just a photographer who really lived in NY who just happened to be involved in her wedding proposal!  Nicole will be opening a book that Ryan and I had put together for her to open tonight on Christmas Eve which will reveal our surprise for the best romantic proposal and Christmas gift ever rolled into one!  Nicole, I cannot wait to meet you again and introduce myself as Rachel Beck potentially your wedding photographer!!!  I loved being a part of this special occasion and I would love to continue to document the unfolding of your future life together!  Merry Christmas!